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Welcome to Sherder
Last joined us: Muito Macho, player number 460. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Iicy (4746). Congratulations!
Free Houses: 166
Rented Houses: 0
Accounts in database: 364
Players in database: 459
Banned accounts: 25
Guilds in databese: 5
08.02.19 21:18:33 - Feedback :)
Fellow Sherders,

We're interested in your feedback regarding the server.
Also kindly let us know if you have any ideas and/or suggestion for upcoming update and improvements!

What would you like to see in the upcoming update?
Anything thats currently existing where you feel like an adjustment would be needed?
Do we need more spawns/extend current spawns? New challanging quests? Balancing of vocations, spells, runes?
Anything that you can think of, please let us know!

Kind Regards,

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07.02.19 08:28:09 - Low level AOE
Dear Players,

Some players asked for new AOE spells for low levels, so i made them.

Druid- Exevo gran mas water Level 750
Sorcerer- Exevo gran mas cloud Level 750
Knight- Exori Sac Level 750
Paladin- Exevo mas holy Level 750

And changed level for AOE of level 1000 to level 1250

Druid- Uber Plants Level 1250
Sorcerer- Uber Death Level 1250
Knight- Uber Sac Level 1250
Paladin- Uber San Level 1250

And a lot more ;)

Best Regards,


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07.02.19 08:20:25 - Blessing
Dear Players,

I'll discuss today about the blessing and tell you all the features about it.

How much is it cost?
The blessing depends on your levels for e.g 1 level costs 10k so if you are 1k it will cost 10 gold nuggets
Is there a way to low the cost of it?
--VIP discounts 50% of total money
--Premium discounts 25% of total money

You can use blessing instead of AOL and you will not lose any item or your backpack

Best Regards,


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05.02.19 00:54:41 - Massive Update!
Dear Players,
Finally! Update is here!
I've changed a lot of things to make the game play better also added items and i gonna explain what i've done to make it clear :).

1-Raised Exhaustion of attacking runes
(Ice, Fire, Energy and Curse)

2-Added 2 new quests, also gonna add me soon.
(Stamina Doll quest, Destruction Weapons quest)

3-Re-mapped main city with new tiles to make it looks better than previous one, i hope so you like it.

4-Added HOTA helmet with HOTA gem
You see a HOTA (Arm:20, protection all +25%) that has 200 charges left.
It weighs 27.60 oz.
The gem is glowing with power.
You can get pieces of HOTA from bosses and 2 quests more to get this helmet, and about the gem is easily to get by buying it by lever 2nd floor temple for 5 ingots.

5-Raised Loot rate 14x

6-Re-mapped hunting tps area

7-Decreased attacks of some bosses to fit with the players

8-Decreased some monsters from rebirth quest to make it more easier because it was too hard really!

9-Downgraded price of upgrade keys (Upgrades seller NPC)

10-Raised level of rebirth quest to level 5k

11-Changed formulas of spells so it should work good now with higher DMG, meant high level spells are stronger now

12-Added exana fire, ice, energy and curse to be able to remove the condition of the attacking runes

13-Raised Loot of Promotions(second promotion scroll and third promotion scroll)

14-Remove Ultimate spells, it was useless until i make them better or change them with others

15-Raised healing of stone manarune for knights

Also changed/removed or edited game play to make it better and that's it all until now!

Stay tuned for more!

Best Regards,


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03.01.19 22:50:10 - Changes #6
Dear Players,

I've changed and added some items also changed attacks of rebirth quest bosses

1- Added new item to tp you to Rebirth room but you need to have the required items, promotion and 4k levels (Shop)

2- Changed Stamina doll to another item.

3- Changed Attacks, summons of rebirth quest bosses.

4- Added teleporter falcon that teleport you to temple (Shop).

5- Added Challenge rune that res monster with it from far away, you can loot it from [T3]Casablanka boss.

Best Regards,


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01.01.19 21:55:10 - Ideas?
Dear Players,

We've done a lot with Sherder-OT and we don't have more ideas to do to make it more positive and make the gameplay continued to not leave it easily so, Who have any idea that we can do. Please leave a comment with it.
Thanks in advance

Best Regards,


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1 Iicy ( 4746 )
2 Chucky ( 4350 )
3 La Capitano ( 4173 )
4 Incredible Bro ( 4165 )
5 Grindelwald ( 4127 )
6 Incredible Coco ( 4101 )
7 Unknown ( 4013 )
8 Hetski ( 4006 )